Use our custom redirect service for your Killingfloor 1 Server!

We’re hosting over 9200 files | 50GB for Killingfloor 1.
1Gbit connection
Just add into your Killingfloor.ini!


Your joining one of our KF-Servers and fast download fails?
Don’t worry you can copy and paste the used files. Consider a look here.

BlackMesaAG created a huge Killingfloor-Modfile-redirect to have all custom files published by the Killingfloor community at one place.

All files are made and puhlished by the Killingfloor community and are free to use. So we don’t own any rights.

Stuff created by BlackMesa will be also freely available!

The following publicly available redirects were saved to create this archive:

  • –
  • – guardiansworld
  • – goodmoods
  • –
  • –
  • – p-jaysdirect
  • – Proton_KF1_Redirect
  • –
  • – RastaBunnny_KF1_Redirect
  • –
  • – tokoyb

If you want these files to be taken down just contact us:

You are searching for custom Killingfloor 1 weapons, maps, … just take a look into the archive we created:

*Download our big archive of modding files ~ 50GB*

Tool to de/compress Killingfloor .uz2 files