We boost your view-counter on a video or on a row of videos.

How does it work?

Just decide how many views you want to have and fill out the form with your video URL(s)*¹·².

After filled out the form confirm and proceed with payment in BTC.

If payment was successfully we are going to start to push your views.

*¹300 views on 3 videos creates a bonus of 100/video.
*² use the message field to enter youtube url, comma seperated each video

How long does it take?

Depending on the package the process can take up to 48h.
Use youtube channel inside statistics or socialblade to view channel views.


Our views are created on a automated way so its possible that the youtube algorithm recognizes the process and cancels some of the views created by us.
Moreover your channel can get a strike/warning since youtube doesn’t like automated viewers.
Only if you are okay with that proceed!

Packages to choose from

100 views – max 2 videos -> 5€

300views – max 4 videos -> 10€

500views – max 5 videos -> 20€

Payment section

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